Broad offer of services

From insulation and ventilation to electrical installations and an intelligent house

Spiralite® insulation and ventilation ducting

This highly sustainable, stable and easy to install system provides CO2 and energy savings, both for installation and subsequent operation of the HVAC system.

Electrical installations

Our team of qualified employees ensures the assembly and subsequent maintenance of the electrical installations at a professional level and, similarly, we shall inspect your control systems for you.

Building Management

According to your requirements, we design and realise everything from the lighting or heating systems to comprehensive building (facility) management with subsequent visualisation or remote access from the comfort of your home.

For all types of objects

Regardless of whether you own a family house, industrial enterprise or manage an administration building

Family houses

Security and monitoring of costs

Administration buildings

Fulfilled statutory requirements and building management

Hospitals, schools or shopping centres

Regular maintenance and standard facility management

Industrial objects

Reliable functioning of equipment and monitoring of its operation